Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Natural products at...Big Lots?

Sometimes, it seems that eating/drinking/living "green" in the United States is only for the well-to-do. After all, buying organic produce is often substantially more expensive than purchasing conventional fruits and vegetables. That sucks. And a lot of other "natural" products are also pricier than their normal, chemically-toxic relatives. And, if you are like me and don't live in a very environmentally-friendly (read: big coal area) state, you may have no access to stuff like Whole Foods.
But there is an option, sometimes overlooked. Big Lots.

Yes, that remainder/discount store chain can be a nice source for organic products and natural-living items, sometimes at deeply-discounted prices. I've found all kinds of superb teas there -- Honest Teas for 70 cents (rather than the $1.49-$1.99 range), bottled yerba mate, Annie's organic macaroni & cheese, Blue Diamond crackers, Arm & Hammer Natural deodorant, Seapoint Farms edamame, Tom's Of Maine toothpaste/mouthwash, and more.

It takes an ardent hunter of values these days, and this can be a way to get by "going green" while "saving green". Bad pun.

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