Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Green Mountain Gringo chips and salsa

My lady and I are massive fans of tortilla chips and salsa. We have become quite the consumers of chips and salsa, at restaurants and at home. And guess what? These are maybe my favorite tortilla chips around, outside of restaurants. Green Mountain Gringo isn't sold widely, shamefully, as I have only found them in health-food shops (Whole Foods) and specialty stores so far, but these all-natural chips and salsas are top-notch. And the price? I've got a bag of chips for as low as $2.00US! That's substantially less than the major Frito-Lay brands.

I wish I could send you a sample taste, but you'll just have to trust me, and check out the Green Mountain Gringo website for more info. You can even order online, if you don't want to go out searching far and wide! Yum!

Green Mountain Gringo

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