Thursday, May 21, 2009

A note about this blog

Welcome! I hope this blog can become an open-ended dialogue, where ideas and knowledges can be shared for the mutual benefits of all of us. My aim is to enlighten and encourage green and subsistence living, on a shoestring budget, with as little waste or toxicity as possible. My background? I'm a 30-something single guy (very happily attached to an amazing lady) with an an old house in the midwestern United States that's neither green nor environmentally efficient (at this point), though I do my best on my admittedly meager income. I hope if you're reading this, that you will feel free to chime in with your opinions on products, as well as wisdom, tips, and/or experiences.

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Sandy said...


I am glad that some of the people in the world are still conscious of the greener technology & it's implications. I am researching on sustainability in IT and overall resource sustainability. feel free to visit my blog: and my phd struggle blog at

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