Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Belgium Breweries / Fat Tire Ale = Eco-conscious beer!

It's a great time to be of the craft beers that first moved me to drinking independent brews has finally made it's way East with distribution in Indiana! Woohoo! No need to road-trip to Schnuck's groceries in St. Louis to fill up the ol' car's trunk!!!

Yes, Fat Tire (from the wonderful "wind-powered and employee-owned" New Belgium Brewery in Colorado) is now here. Weirdly enough, it's being sold in 12pks of cans...and larger-sized bottles, but not the regular 12oz. bottles (at least yet). Ah well, it's all good (beer).

Looks like there's a special 'Hoosier' bottle for us Hoosiers, and I've seen the 1554 Black Ale here now, too. Yum.

New Belgium Brewing website

And a brief promo for New Belgium's 'Follow Your Folly' theme, featuring the inimitable Devendra Banhart...

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