Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kodiak Cakes - Bear Country Cookies - Oatmeal Dark Chocolate

With an amazing image of an angry bear on the natural fiber textured cardboard box, and touting "all natural", I couldn't pass up this pre-mixed package of cookies. All I needed to add was 1 egg and a stick of butter. Easy enough, right? After all, I am but a single guy on a shoestring budget.
Baker Mills' Kodiak Cakes label promises ingredients that are all-natural, with no preservatives, no trans fats, blah blah blah. Recipes like the hardy homesteaders on the American frontier would've made. Real sugar, brown sugar, whole wheat flour, whole oats, etc. Nice. So, I picked up these cookies, took them home, and baked some up. Simple as can be. And how delicious! Gave samples to several friends, and everyone was enthusiastic. So, wholesome, natural, and tasty as hell? Winner!
I also tried their brownies (perfectly good, too, especially when adding some walnuts to the mix), and the pancake mix (the flagship product, also a fine whole-wheat mix, and a filling meal themselves). Highly recommended. As close to homemade as you could get, without making them from "scratch".
I just wish Kodiak Cakes were more widely available! Surely Whole Foods or local groceries would do well with these wonderful treats.
Now, I see they have their own syrups available. I wish I could find those!

Anyhow, for more info, check their site:

hKodiak Cakes website

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