Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trader Joe's veggie Corn Dogs

I wouldn't necessarily post a review of a singular food item here, but seeing as how this blog is predominantly "surfed" due to it's Morningstar Farms discontinued corn dog content, this is particularly pertinent.

We (Lady Moon-shake and I) finally tried Trader Joe's meatless corn dogs (after a 3-hour drive to Indianapolis -- for family reasons, not just to pick up corn dogs), and we agree that these are not as tasty as Morningstar's sadly-defunct variety. The corn-breading isn't as tasty and the veggie soy-dog inside sort of blends in with the breading, making for a blander, less flavorful experience. And the texture seems a bit more mushy and less crispy than the aforementioned national brand's were (past tense). Appearance-wise, they look and cook as well as Morningstar's, but they just aren't quite there, yet.

Since I can't have what I want, I would certainly purchase these again, as the choices in my area for non-meat corn dogs are, well, nonexistent.

Perhaps some other competing company like Boca or Garden Burger will decide to create a meatless corn dog...I would certainly applaud them (and give them some support). Until then, I hope that Trader Joe's can open a store closer to me than Indy or Nashville! The place rules (natural foods at great prices)!

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