Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tom's Of Maine toothpastes and gels

I've been a fan of Tom's Of Maine for some years now, and have enjoyed most of their personal care products, from deodorants to mouthwash to dental floss to many varieties/flavors of toothpaste. For my money, the toothpaste is unusually good, and the presence of cavity-crushing xylitol (a natural sugar alcohol/sweetener that actually kills the harmful bacteria that cause plaque, which leads o cavities) makes it all worthwhile. Imagine - a toothpaste that (A) tastes good, (B) uses only naturally-sourced products, (C) is environmentally-conscious, and (D) actually reduces the presence of elements that CAUSE cavities. In fact, right now I'm enjoying their cinnamon & clove gel, and my dentist visits have never been better! I don't see any reason to pick up conventional toothpastes anytime soon. I've even found Tom's products at mainstream retailers like Target and Big Lots, and sometimes their products can be found with coupons or on sale for reasonable prices.

Tom's Of Maine website

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