Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is this the box from the last Morningstar Farms corn dogs I will ever enjoy?

Okay, so this blog's most popular content, above all others, and by a long-shot, is the continuing saga of Morningstar Farms Corn Dogs and Veggie Dogs, which mysteriously disappeared earlier this year from store shelves nationwide. I was one who was disturbed enough to contact the Kellogg Corporation (who own Morningstar Farms) and inquire about the future of this amazing vegetarian food, especially as I've been a steady purchaser for years. My response was like the one on this official page:

Veggie Dogs page

However, I'm now seeing some conflicting media coverage, supposedly from Morningstar Farms, that refers to these products as "Discontinued", with little chance or hope of seeing it re-introduced, as originally inferred. Well, look at this official page for further clarification:


A shame. I know of no other products out there in this class that are as satisfying or delicious. To all you Morningstar veggie and corn dog fans...please write to them and express yourselves:

Contact page

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