Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morningstar Farms Corn Dogs follow-up

It's been noted that on the Morningstar Farms website, there are now absolutely no mention at all of the Veggie/Corn Dogs...as if they don't exist and are being re-written out of existence!

Clarification arrived today, as a rep for the company responded to my inquiry as follows:

"We are experiencing a temporary out of stock situation with all of our veggie dog varieties due to supply issues with our co-manufacturer which has delayed production. We apologize that you won't be able to enjoy one of your favorite products for the near future. As of this time, we do not have a specific start ship date for the veggie dogs to return to your local stores.

We appreciate your purchase of our products and hope to have this product available again soon for you to enjoy.

Thank you and your friends for your loyalty!"

So, I look forward to finding these on shelves again in the future. In the meantime, if you haven't tried Morningstar's new Maple-flavored veggie sausage patties, they are delicious.


Goatsden said...

Have these been discontinued now?? Somebody tell me...
If so, I would love to know a reason.

If anyone has a Trader Joe's nearby, they stock their own brand of veggie corndogs, though I've yet to try them.

Any other ideas for concerned corn dogs fans who are vegetarian?

Aed said...

Yes, from everything I have read they are discontinued. This is a shame- every vegetarian I know loves them! My husband wants to completely boycot Morningstar products, the corndogs were his favorite!

a.m.mcconnell said...

Im very concerned that Morningstar has suddendly and without reason, discontinued their corn dogs. This makes me suspicious of their other products. I hate boca, but I may have to return to them for peace of mind.

Kelly & Mike said...

I think Morning star hot dogs had real meat in them, and to keep from getting busted, just stopped making them altogether, until they can come up with a new one that is really a veggie dog

Chrissy said...

I Loved the Morning star Hot dogs. I Haven't been able to find them since December 2009. I have never had another veggie dog that tasted as good as theirs